Advantage For Nursing Homes

Nursing homes all over are faced with major challenges: Decreasing the administrative burden on caregivers and physicians. Reducing the medical errors. Meeting the unannounced surveys, inspections and the extensive documentation requirements of jcaho, cms and other regulations. Eliminating manual chart audits and unnecessary phone calls to lab, wasting time on tracing missing orders and specimens, waiting on test results to complete patient charts. And needless to say, dealing with communication breakdown between field techs, lab techs, and lab ordering and scheduling staff.

These errors and burdens are measured not just in dollars, but also puts the compliance and patient safety at risk. How can the Nursing Homes eliminate these costly errors and burdens, all the while dealing with the everyday demands ?


At CCLLAB, we have a unique advantage, providing Nursing Homes with exceptional and higher standard of service, with swift and seamless transition.

With CCLLAB you can expect:

Getting Started

To get started, simply contact your local account rep to either setup the demo program or start the deployment of our premier solution through the Seamless New Account Program (SNAP), we’ll have you up and running quickly or Contact Us now.

Sample Evaluation Program

The Lab Service and Sample Evaluation Program is a quick way for care centers and clinicians to “test drive” our innovative solution and to assess and compare our service standard with your current lab provider. We will work side-by-side with your staff throughout the process and give you the opportunity to test our leading edge processess and robust, yet easy to use state-of-the-art logistic system.

CCLLABS services largest Skilled Nursing Home Organizations in Midwest US and currently service SNF market in the State of Arizona. CCL provides 4-6 Hours STAT Service to these acute care patients in Chicago, Chicago-land, Indiana, Phoenix, Phoenix-metro area, Tucson-Green Valley Area, Northern Arizona territories.


Personalized and Convenient Services

  • 4 Hour turnaround for STAT Services
  • Infection Control Programs
  • In-Service Programs
  • Monthly Patient Chart Audits
  • Attend Quality Assurance Meetings
  • Comprehensive Billing and Flexible Payment Options
  • Competitive Rates for uninsured and Medicare part A patients
  • Rapid Response Team