Southwest U.S.

3720 E LA SALLE ST, STE 103
Phone: 480-990-1335
Fax: 480-990-1337

Through CCL Arizona State-of-the-Art Processing site, CCL provides lab services to Nursing Homes and Mobile Phlebotomy Phoenix-Metro, Tucson-Green Valley Metro, Prescott. CCL also provides lab services to Private Physicians and Urgent Care Centers along with On-Site Phlebotomy in all of Arizona and New Mexico through this site.

Midwest U.S.

6858 W. Archer Ave
Chicago, IL 60638
Phone: 773-788-1577
Fax: 773-788-1579

Through CCL Chicago State-of-the-Art Processing Site, CCL provides lab services to Nursing Homes, Private Physician Offices, Urgent Care Centers, and Mobile Phlebotomy in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.