Responsive – Expedited Service

Responsive and Expedited Services through State-of- the-art logistics

Communication between lab providers and care centers is a critical element of quality care. Breakdown in communications will lead to missing specimens, delaying of blood draws and test results, detoriation of specimen quality and-or missing lab orders. Furthermore, communication can become challenging when multiple staff and departments are trying to fulfill a request for lab order or answer any customer issues,. Often the process is ad-hoc, with unread emails, tasks written on printed sheets or verbally passed on.

Traditionally, manual or inefficient processes are used to track field techs. To schedule or delegate a task to a field team, a supervisor must first locate the tech and manually provide the order details and location info. As a result, there is often no visibility in monitoring task status and timeliness. Yet, in the care center environment, where responsiveness and timeliness to STAT calls, routine fasting draws, and medication-based lab results are critical.

Swift and Responsive Customer service via State-of-the-art Logistic System

Equipped with Smart Tools (swift and efficient cars, Pocket PCs, Barcode Scanner and advance data capturing and field communication applications), field techs and client response team has critical customer and supply chain data right at their fingertips. As a result, it ensures that field techs can promptly and timely arrive at the customer location, capture e-signatures, pick-up samples, draw blood and send task confirmations and timely drop-off the samples to the lab.


Automated & Real-time Field– Monitoring, GPSTracking, Dispatching, Scheduling

The advance field communication gadgets and applications automate the task delegations and allows the client response team to reach the right technician at the right time and the right place. Therefore, they can instantly dispatch, monitor and push the order requests and route updates to the field so that field techs can instantly view daily routes, daily draws, changing routes, check the status of routine or Stat pick-ups, confirm location, distance and more — right from the field. As a result, not only critical situations are addressed quickly, it also ensures that field techs and client response tasks and issues are not missed and are handled promptly and in timely manner. Moreover, it assures that missing specimens, delaying of blood draws and test results, deterioration of specimen quality and missing lab orders due to transport delays will be virtually eliminated.

Accurate Real-time Lab Order status, Capture Confirmations and E-signatures

Augmenting advance field communication with Barcode scanning, E-confirmations and E-signatures, further automates the field tech and client response processes. As soon as the field techs complete tasks, draw the blood, pick-up samples and make any changes to the lab order requests, they can instantly update, confirm, e-sign their tasks and get the e-signatures from the care centers and patients. As a result, it gives client response and care centers accurate and real-time visibility in to order status, lab results, blood draws and pick-up times. And, it also ensures that all the appropriate signatures and endorsements are captured for compliance, performance and auditing purposes.

Field Monitoring


Advance Field Communications


Higher Standards

  • Standard Turnaround Time – six hours or less
  • Eliminate fax, paper & web forms – order lab tests in 60 seconds or less from anywhere, anytime with Mobile PCs
  • Mobile Ordering and Tracking via Pocket pc
  • Mobile Result view via Tablet PCs
  • Eliminates the need to hunt for free workstations