Q 1. What is the standard turn-around time on lab results to become available for viewing?

A. CCL draws labs and has all routine test results ready within a twenty four (24) hours window via the Web, Fax, or EMR integration.

Q 2. How does CCL address emergency lab draws?

A. CCL provides field techs for STAT testing. CCL arranges a field tech to draw on-site and to deliver the lab results immediately for emergency cases. CCL promises 5 hours STAT test service.

Q 3. Is quality control addressed regarding lab specimens?

A. CCL utilizes extensive tracking of specimen using handheld barcode scanners to electronically stamp the collection with identifying information including pick-up and drop-off times confirming names and patient information before the field tech leaves the draw site.

Q 4. What range of testing does CCL provide?

A. CCL provides the following, but not limited to, chemistry, hematology, immunoassays, and immunochemistry to molecular biology.

Q 5. Does CCL utilize electronic medical records (EMR)?

A. CCL has created software to interface directly with EMR systems used by care centers to ensure patient care information is collectively in one medical file to avoid duplicity. Once labs are ordered, drawn and resulted. CCL transfers all results directly into your patient’s chart in your EMR system.

Q 6. Does CCL provide Weekend Routine and/or STAT Lab services?

A. CCL provides pickup and testing Routine and/or STAT lab services 24/7.