Southwest U.S.

3720 E LA SALLE ST, STE 103
Phone: 480-990-1335
Fax: 480-990-1337

Through CCL Arizona State-of-the-Art Processing site, CCL provides lab services to Nursing Homes and Mobile Phlebotomy Phoenix-Metro, Tucson-Green Valley Metro, Prescott. CCL also provides lab services to Private Physicians and Urgent Care Centers along with On-Site Phlebotomy in all of Arizona and New Mexico through this site. CCL LABS offers RT-PCR COVID tests for Phoenix-area residents with or without health insurance.

Midwest U.S.

6858 W. Archer Ave
Chicago, IL 60638
Phone: 773-788-1577
Fax: 773-788-1579

Through CCL Chicago State-of-the-Art Processing Site, CCL provides lab services to Nursing Homes, Private Physician Offices, Urgent Care Centers, and Mobile Phlebotomy in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

Southwest U.S.

2700 Tibbets Drive Suite 102
Bedford, Texas 76022
Phone: 844-990-1335
Fax: 855-631-0414

Through CCL Dallas Texas State-of-the Art Processing site, CCL provides lab and radiology services to Nursing Homeas and Assisted Living facilities in Dallas, Dallas-Fort Worth, DFW, Austin, Austin metro-area, and Dallas-Arlington-Fort Worth metro area. Contact Us to get further information