Innovation-Driven and Patient-Focused Lab Partner

There is a difference with CCL Laboratory Services. Blending the advancements from diagnostic industry and information technology – we set a new and higher standard in delivering Rapid, Responsive and Reliable lab services.
We innovate for you. We have pioneered an state-of-the-art logistic system built on highly secure, real-time and wireless platforms. Our point-of-care centers, client response team and field techs are equipped with Mobile PCs, Handheld Devices, Barcode Scanners utilizing Mobile Data Capturing and Advance Field Communication Applications. As a result, it eliminates labor intensive and error-prone process so your staff will have more time to deliver personalized attention to each patient and focus on tasks that are more critical to patient care.

Our focus on improving patient care has compelled us to process many common tests to be performed closer to the point of care. We utilize advance microelectronic and micro fluidic instruments to setup and manage on-site point of care testing centers and near-the-patient testing centers to eliminate transport delays and lessen the chances of lost or deteriorated samples. At the same time, it enables the physicians to save time and see more patients, accelarate treatment and provide additional services such as on-the-spot health screening and early detection testing for many major diseases.



  • Standard Turnaround Time – six hours or less
  • Results on-the-spot or in minutes for On-Site and Near-the-Patient Testing Services
  • Eliminate fax, paper & web forms – order lab tests in 60 seconds or less from anywhere, anytime with Mobile PCs
  • Save time and hassle by sending all in-and-out-of-network lab orders & specimens to one central lab,


  • Delivering swift and responsive service via State-of-the-art Logistic System
  • It ensures that field techs can promptly and timely arrive at the customer location. And, drop-off the samples to the lab in a timely manner – eliminating callbacks and delayed results
  • Real-time tracking of lab orders and samples from Care Facility to Lab Center
  • Live-voice answering and dedicated client response representative for care center


  • Quality Specimens and accurate Results via state-of-the-art logistic system
  • It ensures that right samples are collected from right patients, at the right time, transported in a timely manner to eliminate deterioration of specimens and deliver precise results
  • A fully accreditated Lab by CLIA and AAB
  • Only top brands & state-of-the-art equipments are used by experienced and highly qualified staff