Tremendous Time and Cost Savings

At CCLLAB, we have a unique advantage. Unlike other laboratories that transfer their overheads by exorbitantly charging, we are a highly efficient lab with a regional and local focus that has spent years refining our infrastructure, processes and most of all, with our unmatched state-of-the-art logistic system, we are able to cut unnecessary overheads and many rework and administrative processes. That’s why we can pass on our cost savings to the self-pay patients or their carecenters so they can benefit from affordable and best rates, unmatched by any other laboratory.

Standard Turnaround Time – 6 hr or less

In addition to cost savings, with our advance logistic system and many leading edge proceses we can offer many value added and time saving services, that can indirectly make clinicians more profitable: reducing the cost of care, impacts the staff effiencies and saves physicians and caregivers time.

Rapid access to results, anytime anywhere via SmartPhones and Pocket PCs

Most Caregivers and Physicians are highly mobile, often practicing medicine in multiple settings and having the ability to access lab results from anywhere quickly – at the practice, on rounds, at home after hours – is critical to providing the best patient care possible. With our Mobile Reporting Platform, we bring the lab results for you anytime, anywhere — all with the convenience of your Smartphone or Tablet PCs.

On-The-Spot results for Clia-waived tests, health screening and early detection testing

On the Spot reports allows patient results to be reported more quickly and gives the medical practitioner the ability to determine treatment while the patient is still present or, at least, within the same day.