Elimination of Caregivers and Office Staff Frustration

Eliminate the need to hunt for free workstations and spend less time struggling with computer systems

By nature, care centers are a highly mobile environment – nurses and supporting staff are constantly moving between floors and units to perform routine tasks. In addition, space constraints are another problem, especially for aging care facilities. Even when labs offer web ordering system it means nurses have to hunt for free workstations, and if they can’t find one available, they have to move on to another patient or task, delaying order entries and completion of medical rounds. Therefore, the traditional solutions utilize older workflow methods based on hard-wired systems that are inefficient by new standards.

Eliminate Fax, Paper and Web Forms – Order tests rapidly via Mobile PCs

Mobility replaces time-consuming manual entry and provides flexibility to order lab tests from anywhere and anytime. Nurses and supporting staff carry readily available and truly portable devices such as Handheld or Mobile PCs with integrated barcode scanners which requires only few taps of stylus to complete an order.

Simple and Faster Order Entry

Either by scanning the patient’s wristband or using dropdown menus, pre-defined pick lists and auto-filled patient relevant data, the nurses and the supporting staff can quickly create, e-sign and submit lab orders, supply requests and schedule pick-up times.

Barcode labels for orders and specimens

Each Order (lab, blood draw, and pick-up), generates a barcode label with order number to track or store a hard copy by printing out the lab order details.

Order Confirmations and Dispatching

Once the order is submitted, the system instantly notifies the relevant client response team, allowing for quick confirmations, dispatching and scheduling.

Flexible and Efficient Scheduling

Eliminate redundant data entry through faster and accurate lab ordering for patients with recurring tests.

Track Specimens and Lab Orders via Mobile PCs

without having to wait or make unnecessary phone calls to lab.

With our Advanced Applications

Mobile Data Capturing, Barcode Scanning and Field Communication tools – the lab order requests, blood drawing and pick-up schedules are tracked and updated in real-time.

Real-time Order Tracking

As the order request moves from care center, client response, field techs to lab techs, nurses and supporting staff can use their Handheld or Mobile PC devices with barcode scanning capabilities to scan or enter order numbers in the tracking application to pinpoint the activities and receive up-to-minute status on order completions, task confirmations, logs and status notes – tracking all order fulfilling activities, changes and actions.

Rapid access to results

anytime anywhere via Mobile PCs and SmartPhones
Most Caregivers and Physicians are highly mobile, often practicing medicine in multiple settings and having the ability to access lab results from anywhere quickly – at the practice, on rounds, at home after hours – is critical to providing the best patient care possible. With our Mobile Reporting Platform, we bring the lab results for you anytime, anywhere — all with the convenience of your Smartphone or Tablet PCs.

Automated printing, faxing and electronically delivering the results to pharmacy and other clinicians

Automated Printing and Faxing

As the results become available they are automatically uploaded and are readily available to be delivered either in the digital or hardcopy formats, without having to wait or make unnecessary phone calls to lab.

Point-and-Scan Simplicity

the staff can quickly scan barcoded order labels to quickly pull up the patient’s record and lab results

Advance Search Options

eliminates time consuming searches, chasing charts and unnecessary phone calls to and from lab and replaces it with a powerful and intuitive search options to access prevously ordered tests – all in one place

Real-time updates with logs for daily blood draws and sample pick-ups