Precise Results And Error-Free Reporting

Ensuring error-free reporting and eliminating dangerous medical errors

With our unmatched state-of-the-art logistical system, where each specimen is assigned with unique bar code and by using Pocket PCs and handheld scanners, we can follow a patient specimen at every step of its journey to the lab and until the result are received by the right hands. Eliminating errrors related to patient identity, missing specimens and avoiding cumbersome manual tracking. As a result, your staff will be confident, even when dealing with high volumes and pressed for time, that the right specimens are collected from the right patients at the right time and transported in a timely manner to ensure correct and accurate results.

Meeting the unannounced surveys and the extensive documentation requirements of regulators

Mobile data capturing with E-Signatures and E-Confirmations, Barcode Scanning and Advance field Communication System ensures that information collected in the workflow process is stamped for tracebility, accountability and quality control measures required for accurate results and compliance with regulators. Secondly, by eliminating many manual paper-based and handwritten processes, long paper trails, incorrect information, enhances patient safety and ensures that the care givers are well prepared for unannounced surveys and

As a result, it eliminates the manual and long paper trail steps, errors from illegible handwriting and incorrect information written on lab orders needed to complete the monthly chart audits. With CCLLAB, the process is quick and efficent that provides precise audit trail, meticulously track for changes and provides cumulative reports for charting and assessment purposes.

Quality packaging eliminates deterioration of specimens and maintains the integrity of samples to ensure precise results

Proper packaging of specimens is essential for protecting and ensuring the integrity of specimens during transport to the laboratory for analysis. With CCLLAB’s unique state-of-the-art-packaging, it provides added protection for tubes by maintaining seperation and to easily verify barcode labels and color tops before packing for shipment.

Timely transport is a critical part of providing accurate results

Traditionally, manual or inefficient processes are used to track field techs. As a result, there is often no visibility in monitoring task status and timeliness. With our Advance Field Communication and Client Response System, it automates field tasks, increases visibility and provides real-time GPS tracking. Therefore, Field techs and Client response team has critical customer and supply chain data right at their fingertips. The Client Response Team can instantly dispatch, monitor and push the order requests and route updates to the field. As a result, not only critical situations are addressed quickly, it also ensures missing specimens, errors and deterioration of specimens due to transport delays will be virtually eliminated. Multi-regional and local courier network ensures promt shipmen tof specimens.

Extensive reviews are conducted for all tests to ensure precise results

CCLLAB adheres to rigorous regulatory standards in the industry, this includes the accreditations and certifications from organizations such as CLIA and AAB. In addition, each test result is subject to a rigorous review process, beginning with assessment by certified lab techs. All critical values are confirmed by repeat analysis, with additional testing conducted whenever results fall outside specific testing criteria. This close scrutiny ensures we deliver the accuracy and reliability you need on every test.

Exceeding industry standards for quality service and accurate results

It’s all made possible by our unmatched infrastructure that includes experienced and highly qualified staff, top brands and state-of-the-art analytical equipment, automated specimen processing, quality of reagents and most of all our state-of-the-art-logistic system.