What is Mobile Phlebotomy/Draws?

Mobile Phlebotomy is a service provided to home-bound patients. It comes into play when an individual needs his/her blood sample drawn; however, he or she cannot make it to a patient service center or a hospital.

The Phlebotomist, a blood drawing technician, draws patient sample at patients House, Assisted Living, Group Home, Hospice in-patient site, and/or a Nursing home. Mobile Phlebotomist then transports the sample to the Laboratory Processing Center, where testing is performed and then results are reported directly to the physician office.

3 Main Advantages of Mobile Blood Draws:

  • Eliminate the hassle of scheduling an appointment: CCL Phlebotomists call in advance to schedule an appointment at your house.
  • Puts Patient Value First!
  • Travel Cost for Mobile Draws are covered for home-bound Medicare patients and are generally covered by most other private insurance companies.



  • Routine tests on Home-bound patients are reported the same day
  • Accepting all major health plans, including Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicaid, AHCCCS, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Humana many more. Call Our office to get a detailed list
  • 5 Hours STAT Service for all territories
  • Services Largest Nursing Home chains in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin
  • Fastest Growing Mobile Laboratory in the State of Arizona, servicing Phoenix-Metro, Tucson-Green Valley, Norther Arizona, rural & remote, and Indian Reservations


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