Responsive and Exceptional Service You Deserve

Communication between lab providers and care centers is a critical element of quality care. Breakdown in communication will lead to missing specimens, delaying of blood draws and test results, detoriation of specimen quality and-or missing lab orders. Furthermore, communication can become challenging when multiple staff and departments are trying to fulfill a request for lab order or answer any customer issues,. Often the process is ad-hoc, with unread emails, tasks written on printed sheets or verbally passed on.

Exceptional service is more than just a promise

A responsive partner does more than either simply answer the phone or just provide results. They listen closely to your needs and personalize the services to your requirements. That’s why we are flexible in tailoring our laboratory services to your workflows, methods and deadlines. At CCLLAB, we’ve spent years refining our practices to ensure we do just that. Our cutomer support ranges from live-voice answering, on-site training and support to flexible billing, and offer many convenient services.

Error-free and timely follow-ups via Advance Client Response System

Our advanced client response system your phone calls, text messages via Pocket PCs, and other customer issues are directed to your assigned Client Response Team, ensuring you receive quick follow-up and the personalized care you deserve. Every customer issue is recorded for quality assurance purposes via our advance client response sustem. This allows CCLLAB to readily categorize, track and trend all customer-related issues, enabling us to anticipate and respond to customer issues rapidly.

Live voice answering and Dedicated Rapid Response Team

Our in-house client response team is available to answer your calls in a professional and courteous manner. With access to our clinical and medical experts, client service specialists help you take full advantage of all our laboratory services. We are committed to a timely response to your questions – generally within an hour of receiving your request.

On-site Training and Support

Our dedicated team of field service representatives are responsible for educating clinic staff on every aspect of our services. In addition, we will train your staff on processing, handling, packing and shipping of specimens to ensure specimen integrity during transport.

Assigned to Specific Facilities for Personalized Assistance.

Comprehensive Billing and Flexible Payment Options

  • Compliance with Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial billing regulations
  • Flexible Payment Options for Managed care patient populations
  • Competitive Rates for uninsured patients

Expedited and Convenient Services

  • Specimens held 7 days and are available for re-testing
  • Cumulative Reports
  • Flexible Courier Services
  • Shipping supplies, including packing material, are provided
  • 4 Hour turnaround STAT Services
  • Infection Control Programs
  • In-Service Programs
  • Quality Assurance Meetings and Programs
  • Monthly Patient Chart Audits
  • Save time and hassle by sending all in-and-out-of-network lab orders & specimens to one central lab

Dedicated Client Response


Higher Standards

  • Live-voice answering and dedicated client response representative for care center
  • Save time and hassle by sending all in-and-out-of-network lab orders & specimens to one central lab