On-site services that provides on-the-spot results

Rapid and On the Spot Lab Results allow patient results to be reported more quickly and gives the medical practitioner the ability to determine treatment while the patient is still present or, at least, within the same day. For example, if a patient presents symptoms of fatigue but no other symptoms at the doctor’s office or managed care facility, a simple hemoglobin test can tell the physician whether it’s safe to send the patient home rather than to an emergency room.

Dependability and accuracy of test results with on-site testing services

The crucial factors that make this service possible and assures you the dependability and accuracy of results is in our unmatched logistic system, infrastructure and our ability to innovate and utilize advance microelectronic, micro fluidics, dry reagents, that have resulted in instruments that are multi-functional, smaller, easy to use and more importantly, deliver same standard of quality control and accurate results are maintained at the point of care.

Installation, maintainence and requirements of setting up an on-site testing services

Our advance infrastructure and logistic system, enables us to seamlessly correlate and manage all compliance and quality control issues from our central location. Therefore, we can streamline and seamlessly control, install, equip and maintain a qualified staff and necessary equipment at the remote testing site without adding any cost to the care center.

Test menu for on-site testing services

Although, higher-complexity testing are performed at our central location, the comprehensive menu of Clia-waived tests provides care centers with the ability to conduct on-the-spot health screenings, identify quick indicators for treatments and early detection of kidney damage, cardiovascular and other major diseases.