State of the art Logistic system

With our unmatched state-of-the-art logistical system, your staff will be confident, even when dealing with high volumes and pressed for time, that the right specimens are collected from the right patients, at the right time, and transported in a timely manner to ensure correct and accurate results.

Mobile PCs – Without mobility, managing, tracking and verifying specimens is fraught with manual steps that introduce the potential for dangerous errors. Moreover, long paper trails allow for errors at each point in the tracking process. Mobility eliminates errors from illegible handwriting and incorrect information written on lab orders to ensure that the right patient gets the right blood draw.

Barcode Scanners – Field techs and Point-of-care centers employ barcode scanners to electronically stamp the collection with identifying information including pick-up and drop-off times. In addition, this provides double and triples checks when collecting and identifying patients, specimens and fulfilling blood drawing orders.

E-Signatures and E-Confirmations – Mobile Data Capturing for field techs and care centers ensures that information collected in the workflow process is stamped for quality control measures required for accurate results and precise audit trails for compliance with certification and accreditation.

Advance Field Communication – Automates field tasks, increases visibility and adds control across various functions of dispatching, monitoring and field scheduling to assure that missing specimens, errors and deterioration of specimens due to transport delays will be virtually eliminated.

Real-time Order Tracking – Mobile Data Capturing, Barcode Scanning and Advance field communication provides care centers with accurate and real-time monitoring for order status, lab results, blood draws, Stat and routine pick-up times – eliminating callbacks and schedule delays.