Rapid – Convenient Results – Mobile Order Tracking Platform

Mobile Order Tracking Platform

Real-time visibility in tracking order status and test results creates transparency and improves communication between the lab provider and the care centers. It also ensures that critical situations are addressed quickly and eliminates callbacks and confusions. With our Advanced Applications – Mobile Data Capturing, Barcode Scanning and Field Communication tools – the lab order requests, blood drawing and pick-up schedules are tracked and updated in real-time.

Real-time Order Tracking

As the order request moves from care center, client response, field techs to lab techs, nurses and supporting staff can use their Handheld or Mobile PC devices with barcode scanning capabilities to scan or enter order numbers in the tracking application to pinpoint the activities and receive up-to-minute status on order completions, task confirmations, logs and status notes – tracking all order fulfilling activities, changes and actions.

  • Mobile Ordering Platform
  • Mobile Order Tracking Platform
  • Mobile Reporting Platform